Islamabad sends 278 tonnes of edibles to Kabul


Peshawar: The Pakistan-Afghanistan Cooperation Forum (PACF) delivered 17 trucks of 278 tons of food to Afghanistan on behalf of the Pakistani government on Sunday.

Pakistan-Afghanistan Cooperation Forum (PACF) Chairman Habibrahan Khatak told the media at the Tolkham border: “Afghans are our Muslim brothers and neighbors, and we have had a relationship with them for hundreds of years. "

He said that the 40-year war in Afghanistan destroyed the country's economic, agricultural and administrative infrastructure, and the sudden withdrawal of international aid agencies put the entire population at risk, Geographic News reported.

Habibullah said that last year’s drought also exacerbated the suffering of the Afghan people who are now facing a humanitarian crisis. He added that if effective measures are not taken immediately, this situation may turn into a humanitarian disaster.

Khatak further stated that the Pakistan-Afghanistan Cooperation Forum is a trust fund designed to help the Afghan people when needed.