Priyanka Chopra's looking gorgeous by using this easy Tricks


There are some actresses we could easily pass on the street and never know we were in the presence of a celebrity. Their style is effortless, low-key, non-flashy—that’s not to say uninteresting, by any means, simply unassuming. But we have a hard time believing that would ever happen with Priyanka Chopra.

The actress seems to always be wearing ensembles that are glamorous and polished, even if just in a pair of distressed jeans. And if that’s the kind of vibe you’d like to adopt in your own daily—likely non–movie star—life, take notes on the outfits ahead.

Be it with slightly vintage-inspired feminine dresses, LBDs made of leather, or just a strong collection of eyewear, Chopra’s style will help you step up your everyday look. We can’t promise you’ll be mistaken for a celeb, but hey, anything’s possible.