Dubai Street Style Fashion

Every fashion week has two good runways. One, the premeditated one, with the designers working hard to come with creative looks and high-quality pieces each season. And the second one, with fashionistas from here and there, sharing their personal style, mixing, matching, accessorizing, playing with shapes and color, having fun: The Street Style catwalk.

Dubai has a fair number of fashionistas and many of them come to Dubai Design District to see the new proposals of the regional designers at Fashion Forward.

Pay attention maybe you, or someone you know might be in our pics. If that is the case, then we have to say that we love your style!
Looking to step up your style game this winter? If so, there's no better fashion set to take cues from than our favorite French girls. After all, is there any collective group that's more chic? Je ne pense pas. So after combing through photo after photo of effortlessly fashionable ensembles, we think we've finally cracked the code to French style, and we're making it easy for you to emulate with our breakdown of the eight secrets for mastering the look. From the footwear of choice to the actually easy approach to accessories we should probably all adopt, you're not only going to love these tips—you'll want to shop them immediately.