People with sophisticated style are not easily satisfied. Similar to classic, these people want high quality. Aside from high quality, distinction and culture polish which is beyond the elegance are needed. People who appreciate sophisticated style are often socialites or want to be one. In fact, these people dream themselves as connoisseurs who value haute culture and luxury.

Have you noticed that it is not only their appearance that makes sophisticated people sophisticated? It is their overall attitude towards life, others and themselves. So try beginning by being more mature and responsible. People will notice.

It is absolutely imperative that you are always neat and clean. Shower daily, wash your hair, brush your teeth, wash your face, shave or wax the relevant areas etc.

Without being shallow or anything like that, I have to remind that good looks are important. If you want to look sophisticated, always look nice. Have your hair and nails done, wear reasonable amounts of reasonable make-up and pluck your eyebrows regularly. Do not wear an excessive amount of cosmetics or you will be hiding your natural features--not a sophisticated thing to do

Apart from hair styles and make-up, the way you dress is of crucial importance as well. Always dress for the occasion (as in: do not wear the same to school and to the opera). For everyday style, go with nice clothes that fit you. You do not need to spend a fortune, just choose pieces that you look and feel nice in. For instance, a dark blue knee-length skirt, a white blouse and a black cardigan combined with a pair of stylish black ballet flats or pumps will look great at the library, museum or school. It is also an appropriate style for meeting someone in a restaurant or café.

 It is mostly education that makes people really sophisticated. So do your best in school, study hard, get good grades and aim for college. Also learn at least one foreign language and read the most significant works of world literature. Along with a general knowledge of art and philosophy, these are exactly the things that will help you make a better impression and will also contribute to your personal growth.

 Ever wondered why all the sophisticated people seem to know each other? Frankly, it is because they do. They run into each other on social or cultural occasions (plays, expositions, balls etc) but they also have common hobbies. If you want to befriend some sophisticated young people, try taking up one of the activities they usually do. Do not force yourself. Just give it a chance and most probably you will find something you will enjoy. Some activities include tennis, golf, horseback riding, rowing, chess, archery, ballet or dancing in general, classical singing, foreign languages, painting or poetry. There are many, many other hobbies and sports you can choose from.

Before you decide to start studying a foreign language to be more sophisticated, ask yourself if you are already good enough in your first language. Many people do not realize this but it is important to speak properly and use correct grammar. Avoid using slang or cussing, those are signs of poor education and culture. For example, say "Magnificent landscape" instead of "Good view". Others will regard you in a high position, and you will impress people wherever you go.