Preppy style is very popular among college students. This style is often girly but not too much frilly. The clothes are great to mix and match. In most of the time, the style may appear luxurious but actually people with this style do not drop ton of cash to have the look. The apparel often includes opaque tights, A-line skirts, girly blouses and headbands, etc

Perfect your preppy style today. Preppy isn't just a style though––it can become a serious art too. The clothes, the attitude, the look and the people all add up to what makes a girl preppy. It shouldn't be a hard choice every time though––once you've grasped the basics of the preppy look, it'll become natural and second nature to you.

Although you won't be able to preppy-up your wardrobe with just five dollars, it shouldn't be too expensive to change your clothing style. Preps dress in a very modest, clean-cut way. They always look presentable, and their style isn't "Sexy" or "Hot". When looking for clothes, look for cute, well-fitting, and well-made items.

Preppy girls care about brands, it's all part of the effect and the style. Some popular preppy stores would include: Vineyard Vines, Ralph Lauren, Tory Burch, Lacoste, Lilly Pulitzer, Tommy Hilfiger, and J. Crew. These are only some of the biggest names out there for preppy clothing, but it's easy to find preppy items at stores such as Target, Old Navy, and T.J. Maxx.

Additional popular preppy brands: Southern Tide, Southern Marsh, Kate Spade,Hunter, Jack Rogers, Kendra Scott, Simply Southern, Krass and Co., Ann Taylor Loft and Jadelynn Brooke.

Below are some examples of preppy outfits that you can try out:

Semi-formal dinner out (summer): Lilly Pulitzer skirt, solid shirt (color matches skirt), Bright statement necklace, Jack Rogers sandals

School (winter): Red and white striped sweater, light chambray shirt under sweater, dark-wash skinny jeans, brown leather riding boots, ruffled socks peeking out of boots.

School (spring, warm weather): Floral chino shorts, matching colored polo tucked in, brown belt, Sperry's.

Casual spring/summer day: Short sleeve preppy t-shirt, white chino shorts, matching color Converse, statement headband

Casual fall/winter day: Long sleeve preppy t-shirt, dark wash skinny jeans, matching color hunter boots, cute head wrap, Northface jacket