Grey Is The New Black Color Which Makes Beautiful

Autumn is in full swing, which means not so much time is left to give all the trends – grey palette, for instance – a try. Grey’s no longer associated with dullness, daily grind or Soviet austerity. Now it’s a new autumn trend that can introduce a bright vibe to your look. So, let us give you some tips on wearing grey properly.

First things first, you can’t surprise anyone with a grey coat today, however, it shouldn’t be underrated. A grey coat can become a cool finishing touch if you match it properly. Try putting an oversize grey cape on a turtleneck – like at Marni show. The cape looks great due to its silhouette, while grey color makes it even more sophisticated.

This season, you can prioritize over grey checkered coats. Monochrome grey turtlenecks and blue A-silhouette skirts will be a perfect match.

An oversize knitted coat is another fresh option. Mix it with a light dress and some chunky boots to create a cozy feminine look

 You can ‘shake up’ your grey coat with some details such as embroideries, rivets, beads, fur or a big richly decorated pocket – let Ports 1961 be your inspiration.

 If you want to introduce some other grey pieces into your wardrobe, you should also try a classic cut suit. To look elegant and trendy, opt for monochrome or checkered suits made of some thick wool. With bright suede gloves, cold weather is no longer a problem.

 If you are not afraid of going completely crazy, we suggest acquiring a wet asphalt-colored midi tutu skirt. It can be easily integrated into your everyday wardrobe if you match it with some chunky boots and a black knitted turtleneck